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Police Portable Strobe Light

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Police Portable Strobe Light

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Amazing new creative strobe light concentrated the police car strobe light in your hand, working with it in the highway, much safer is always guaranteed.


Since our company founded in 2000, we have been taking the "original design" as the soul for company developing, and have originally designed more than 20 kinds of high quality products. Among them, 3 kinds of signal light: portable railway signal light (LH61RGW17), portable red, green and yellow signal light (LH61RGY17), and portable strobe light (LH61RB17) are be the best seller in our exporting business. These 3 of portable signal light have been exporting to more than 15 countries including: America, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Swiss, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, India, America and South Africa etc. since 2006.


This heavy duty of portable strobe light, specially designed for traffic department providing super right mobile strobe signals at the accident scene; the strobe light providing mobile strobe warning signal light --- with it, always keep you in a safe condition when you work in the dangerous road or speedway.


This product of portable strobe light ----type LH61RB17 is one of our best sellers both in domestic and in exporting business since it launched in 2006, it has been exporting to over 15 countries in the world.


Main features introduction for type LH61RB17------police portable strobe light

1. This new creative product with double light sources in one body designed to provides super bright mobile red and blue strobe signal light and white LED torch.

2. Especially designed for security department and traffic policemen of vehicle checking in the road, that the super bright mobile strobe signal has great threatening to remind the driver to stop the vehicles to be checked in the road.

3. 61 super-bright red and blue LED provides 3 groups of mobile strobe signals, the signal visible distance over 300 meters during the day time, over 3,000 meters at night.

4. 17 LED torch provides about 16hours constant bright floodlight (54 lumens) for license checking or traffic accident rescue illumination.

5. The strobe signals also could be greatly improved the safe work condition to policemen on duty, especially in the scene of road accident, the super-bright mobile strobe signals will greatly helpful to prevent the second accident happen.

6. This new creative mobile strobe light is also suitable to the place where the police car not be reached, the mobile strobe signals will remind crowd people to discipline or show to people that the policemen are in the scene of site for preventing the potential chaos might be happened in a crowd event.

7. This new amazing portable strobe light has been widely equipped in security department in China, and as well as equipped in the highway administration and dangerous operation department, etc.

8. CE certificate is available with No. TB11122210.

7. 3 colored independent strobe switch button shows the strobe signal and that makes the strobe shifting easily and promptly.


Main technical data and functions:

1. The large capacity of 9,000mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery adopted for matching of total 78 LED.

2. Is applied for upgrading its quality and reliability.

3. Programmed digital CPU is applied and controls all the battery the battery works for many years, including:

 Smart multi-stage pulse charge applied;

Battery over charge, over discharge; fine current charge;

Charging timing limited, fully charged LED indicated;

Low power LED twinkle indicated and buzzer sound to remind to charge the light.

4. As a new generation light source, LED not only plays saving the energy but also performs the longer service life.

5. 3 colored independent strobe switch button shows the strobe signal and that makes the strobe shifting easily and promptly.

6. Permanent power makes the signal and torch brightness unchanged all the time.

7. Light shell made of Bayer PC material and anti-drop structure designed.

8. German low temperature electronic component is applied for battery longer service.

9. Removable high bright light-reflect belt provided for safer during the work.

10. 12 V car charge available, and the car charge cable provided.

11. Safe work under extreme temperature condition of -40C ~ +50C.

12. Real water-proof charge socket designed with IP degree 67 designed.

13. The China railway qualification has certified by CRCC with registered No.2005THw148 with CE No. TB11122210.

14. We also provide the following different color portable signal lights with type as follows:

Type LH61RGY17-------Portable Red, green and yellow signal light with 17LED Torch

Type LH61RGW17-------Portable Red, green and white signal light with 17LED Torch


Seeing and believing. It’s hard to judge the quality without the real sample testing.


Portable signal lights are our best seller in export business. If you work in railway relevant department in charge of the signaling and safety, or if you are railway parts trader, we strongly recommend that you just order one sample to compare with the light are being using, it’ll tell you how the quality this product is.


For more introductions, please visit our Company’s website or directly contact Manager Su.

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